Why Attend Boss of the NOC?

March 2019

Boss of the NOC is a gamified way for you to explore real data and IT scenarios. Use Splunk in a fun, competitive—but pressure-free—environment. Take the opportunity to investigate and solve interesting problems, and win fabulous prizes and awesome Splunk schwag while you’re at it.

Who should play?

  • IT operations technicians
  • Production support analysts
  • NOC analysts
  • Application analysts
  • Developers
  • Managers
  • Anyone who has an interest in IT operations activities and/or Splunk!

Do you need to know Splunk?

One of the best things about Boss of the NOC (BOTN) is the value it can provide all levels of Splunk users. Whether you’re a Splunk newbie or a seasoned Splunk Ninja, there will be a challenge for you.

If you are new to Splunk, coaches will be on hand for one-on-one help. You’ll have everything you need to crush your first BOTN.

If you’re a Splunk Ninja out to prove your skills to the world once again, we have something for you, too. A whole new dataset will give you the opportunity to explore new ideas, find new challenges, and of course, earn your title as BOTN.

I’m sure by now, you’ve already started signing up and planning a team. However, if you, or your boss, need just a little extra push, here are some feedback from the previous BOTN:

“It showed us how much we don’t know and how much data is out there for consumption.”
“I learned new searches. It was fun strategizing as a team, breaking up the questions.”
“Loved the pressure, enjoyed the teamwork.”
“This was a really good time and very educational!”

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