What Came First: The Dashboard or the ...

During the Holiday Season I was doing what a lot of professionals in my industry do. I was enjoying some well deserved time off, spending time with my family, and closing out one particular task that I despise more than anything: submitting expense reports.

While slogging through hundreds of e-mail receipts, cancelled rides, and surge pricing statements I started to think, “man, I sure do take a lot of Uber rides”. Then a brilliant idea struck me! I should make an Uber Splunk App.

What follows is a three-part series dedicated to showing you how the sausage is made. How to go from a tiny inkling of an idea to a full-fledged use case. Why you should leverage a powerful data visualization tool (like Splunk) for rapid prototyping. Instead of focusing on the technical nuts-and-bolts we’ll explore “big ideas” like design, approach, and how to incorporate user feedback.

Follow these guidelines and your next Splunk App will be more intuitive, tell a more impactful story, and increase the value from your big data solution.

  • Feb 14, 2019 9:08:24 AM |
  • Joshua McQueen


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