I Spent $20,000 on Uber. Here's what I learned from Splunking the data

Joshua McQueen - February 2019

1) For the price I spent on Uber I could have bought a Toyota Prius.

total cost $20,752


2) I've travelled the distance from LA to New York, 3 FULL times

total distance


3) I could have watched the Titanic (movie) sink 124 times.  




4) Our Nation's Capital is the most expensive City.

most expensive city Washington D.C.  Average Fare $30.35



5) Apparently I hate cold weather.  



6) I once spent $268 after a concert... and only went 20 miles.  



7) It's cheaper to Uber to LA than to fly 130 miles. 

longest Distance: 130.19 Fare Amount: $175.79



8) Uber's algorithms are fair and don't price gouge (based on time). 



9) On Average, I'm going to pay around $13 every time I use Uber. 



10) I'm starting to use Uber less, but still paying about the same. 





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